Welcome to SCAD

Last night was a very late night, so a little sleep was in order this morning. Found a nice little cafe place in Savannah and then we walked to the conference center for our last sessions for parents and family. The Welcome to SCAD was short and sweet and fun to listen to. They ended with drummers and it was time for the parents to go to another area to discuss a few other things. 

Now this “Advise for Parents” meeting was not exactly what I expected. He asked the question to all of the first time college parents of “How are you feeling?” What?! You want to know about the roller coaster of emotions? Parents stood up and said things like: “I’m feeling like I was just laid off” (from my parent job); “How do you make sure my kids does not fall through the cracks?”; “Will I hear from my kid?”; “Did I teach them everything they need to know?”; Did I forget to tell them or teach them anything?”  The one that totally did me in was when a lady said “I’m trusting you with MY baby!”  Just thinking about and writing this makes me cry.  I was feeling all of these things they were talking about and I had to pull out the Kleenex in the session. Their were some funny moments and comments too. He asked who was leaving today, then who was leaving tomorrow, then Monday and last Tuesday. When he got to Tuesday he told them he was going to need their license plate numbers so he could make sure they left town ūüė≥. 

After first time college drop off parents were done, he asked parents that have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th kid to give the 1st time parents advise. Some of the comments were: “You have not been laid off (as a parent), but promoted!”; “It’s normal to be nervous”; “Trust that you raised them right, they were listening even when you thought they weren’t”; “When they call, just listen, don’t ‘parent’ them and be supportive”; “Let them grow up”; “Don’t cry to them, turn to someone else for that”. Some really great comments and advise. 

Also love the tip of Skypeing during dinner so you can put them at the table and feel like it’s dinner at home. Another one was reach out or meet with other parents experiencing the same thing. One lady met with parents for a “packing party” in order to put together a care package once a month to send to their kids while enjoying other parents company and sharing experiences. My theropy is writing this blog and putting my thoughts and feelings in writing. I do like some of these tips and may try them!

We went to eat after the sessions and ate with the 3 of us.  It’s going to be “table for 3” for a while, it takes time to get used to that. We did get to see Caley afterwards because we brought her some sushi and soup to her dorm. Tomorrow is it, the last day we will see her for a while!  How do I say goodbye to my baby? What will be my last words to her before we drive off and leave her behind? (That brings tears to my eyes!!)

Before we left her dorm, I asked if she found my letter and she did….she cried! My hope is when she misses us and needs to hear my words, she can pull that out and read it. I knew this would be hard and hit me at some point, but didn’t wake up this morning thinking I would end the day, crying myself to sleep in bed! 

Ok, pull it together!!!  Nick, Will and I had a fun afternoon and I even picked up some of my favorite “whipped honey” from the Savannah Bee Company. We went to a famous ice cream place Leopold’s Ice Cream opened on 1919! It was fabulous and worth standing in a line that went out the door!  Last time we were here the line was out the door and around the corner for over a block!!!!

On a positive note, tomorrow we are going to the beach and taking Caley and Vanessa (her roommate). It will also be the last day to see her this trip. I’m going to bed early today because the lack of sleep, emotional roller coaster and tears are giving me a headache. Time for some sleep, be prepared I’m sure tomorrow’s post will be filled with some fun and some more tears. ūüėĘ

P.S. Achieved all three goals on my Apple Watch today! Calories, Standing and Exersice all by 8:50pm! Win! 


Move-In Day!

Before we actually get to the move-in time, let’s review the day itself. ¬†At my last post I noted that we were going to drive through and make it to Savannah by the wee hours of the morning….that didn’t happen! ¬†About 1:30-2am we were too tired to continue and so we stopped in Atlanta because we just could not make it. ¬†We found a hotel, let’s call it “crash pad hotel”. ¬†Won’t be staying their again! ¬†You know it’s bad when they lock the lobby door at 10pm and you go to a “window” to book the reservations. ¬†Then when we got to the room, we checked the beds for any unwanted “guests”. ¬†At this point of the morning, we almost didn’t care. ¬†Slept in our cloths, crashed and woke up ready to leave!! ¬†Pretty sure something bit a few of us in the night, but can’t be for sure what. ¬†Breakfast at Waffle House and then on the road by 10am. ¬†Another 4 hours in the car and we made it to Turner House for check-in.

Her dorm building is cool with a courtyard in the middle with U shaped building around it. She is on the 4th floor with 1 roommate and an outside unit.  They did have 3 in a room, but the 3rd one was moved for some reason prior to the move-in date.  From 3pm to 5pm we moved things in, unloaded, unpacked, organized, cleaned, fluffed and stuffed.  It looks pretty good but then we realized a few things; 1. We had not eaten since 9am and 2. We needed to make a trip to the store because we were missing a few things.

Since the trailer was unloaded, keep in mind we were the ONLY family that came with a trailer of stuff, Oh My Goodness!! ¬†The office I’m teaching tomorrow has agreed to let us leave the trailer in the parking lot over the weekend so we don’t have to take it everywhere, which was wonderful of them. ¬†So we unhitched and locked it up so we were free to move around without the extra baggage. ¬†We didn’t really have that much stuff in it, but the bike would not fit in the car, didn’t have a rack for it and the amount of stuff she brought + our luggage + us, just would not work. ¬†Really would like to ditch this trailer, but they charge an arm and a leg to leave it somewhere other than where you picked it up!

With the trailer situated, FOOD was the only thing we could think of. ¬†We went to a diner that had been there since 1928 I think they said. ¬†Had something I had never heard of, a pasta burger. ¬†In case you are wondering, it’s a burger covered with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, and it was fabulous!! ¬†Caley entered to win a free dinner at the diner and got a 10% discount for being a student, win-win! ¬†SCAD has a Target shopping night tomorrow, but we decided to go early and get what she needed to miss the rush. ¬†Turns out they take buses of kids to Target to go shopping and give them all a goodie bag, which sounds really cool. ¬†Then it was back to the dorm room with the loot for her to finish the final touches of her room. ¬†We finally met her roommate, Vanessa, who is from Honduras and here studying architecture. ¬†I will have before and after pictures of the room to post tomorrow.

In case you are wondering, I haven’t cried yet, mostly because we were too busy. ¬†Non-stop most of the day. ¬†I did however leave a letter that I wrote her before we left behind one of her pillows on her bed. ¬†It’s 5 pages long, hand written. ¬†I told her all about how we love her and are proud of her and excited for the life she is going to have. ¬†I’m pretty sure she may cry as I did when I wrote it, but was careful not to get any tears on the paper.

I’m showered and wrapping up a few things to do for my classes tomorrow before off to bed. ¬†Looking forward to our parent orientation and showing Nick around the campus tomorrow afternoon.

Road Trip

We finally made it out of the driveway at about 9am, ready for hours in the car. The first few hours are driving to get to another state, then Arkansas which seamed to take forever to drive across. Listening to music in the car and anytime a sad song came on, Caley raises the headphones and refuses to listen. She refuses to be sad or thinking about us leaving her. Not in a bad way, just that she is so excited to start her new chapter!

While on the road, she checks her email and has her class schedule and her first assignment! Class books to purchase and then she has two chapters to read by Monday. Let the work begin!

Made a few stops to eat and get gas and on the road. Tennessee went fast except we hit 5pm traffic in Memphis, not so much fun. Mississippi was pretty quick too and here it is at 10pm and we are in Alabama. We still have almost all of Georgia to cross too. 

We played a game to pass the time, could be why some went by faster, not really.  You say a name of a famous person or character with a first and last name. The first initial of the last name has to be the same as the next person’s first letter of the first name. Nick was the first one out, Will didn’t play this round and that left Caley and I for quite a while. I finally gave up after exhausting all the W names I could think of! Pretty sure Will would have won, he confessed to helping give me hints after she won. ‚ėļÔłŹ One of the things I love about him is he always tells on himself to me or family. If he says something jokingly or could be taken the wrong way he will immediately tell me. He is totally right, when he tells me, it’s no big deal but if someone tells you that your husband said something bad, joking or not, it can make you wonder. 

We are now listening to comedy on the road which is helping us keep awake and laugh together! Just 4 more hours to go! It is taking extra time we didn’t factor in because we have to go slower with the trailer. Something about smaller wheels means they should not go as fast. Once we make it to where we are staying, we will sleep for about 4 hours and then get up and let the unpacking begin. ūüė≥ūüė©

T-Minus 1 Day

Day started out with getting her up to take me to the airport. I have to go out of town for the day, but I will be back tonight to load the trailer, help pack the last of her room and most importantly, kiss her good night!

We are packing the last of our cloths for the trip, the trailer is mostly loaded and it’s one last night to watch a show together and then to bed. For tomorrow begins a new journey and a change in our whole world. I’m really going to miss that girl!!

New Journey

It occurred to me today as I’m doing my daughters laundry for the last time for a while that I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with my baby girl going to college 15 hours away. ¬†Then I thought that I can’t be the only mom or parent that has gone, is going, or will go through this process. ¬†For me, writing out my comments and feelings will help, so here goes…….

First our history. ¬†My daughter Caley is my oldest of 2 and my son Nicholas will be leaving for college next year, so double whammy! ¬†We are a close family, my husband Will and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for 25 years and married for 22 years. ¬†We started our family at a young age and neither of us went to college full time. ¬†We were married 2 months after I graduated high school, which I would not change for anything. ¬†I’m a REALTOR¬ģ and a trainer. ¬†My daughter and I have been good friends for years. ¬†We go shopping, spend time together just running errands or watch movies together. ¬†Caley is a “doer” and as I call it a “go girl” like me. ¬†Meaning she likes to go and do things. ¬†I’m going to miss having my buddy and friend to go with me.

A little about Caley, our artist. ¬†She is very talented and can draw, paint, water color, design and create amazing pictures and animation. ¬†She is going to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA for college. ¬†Since we live in Oklahoma, that will put her about about 15 hours away. ūüė¶ ¬†She is following her dreams and going to school for computer animation and special effects in movies. ¬†We could not be prouder of her. ¬†She has not just art talent, but she graduated with honors and a 4.3GPA. ¬†She also played softball and while she was not the star of the team, she played with all her heart and gave all she had to support her team. ¬†Don’t take that wrong, she can play, but it was not her dream to go to college on a softball scholarship.

Back to what brings me to this blog today. ¬†Emotions and feelings are a funny thing. ¬†I have not really sat and cried about her leaving and honestly it has not really hit me much. ¬†Will and I had a moment in the car last weekend where we heard a song by Tim McGraw, My Baby Girl. ¬†The words hit home and we both broke out into tears at the thought of our girl leaving for college. ¬†It also talks about a boy marrying her and Caley has an adorable boyfriend that has given her a promise ring before he left for college and we will be ecstatic to have him as part of our family one day!! ¬†I may not write a lot each day, but plan on writing at least a little something to get me through this journey and since I will be going on this journey again next year, this could be a long blog. ¬†If anyone does decide to read this, I hope this helps you too. ¬†If no one reads this at all, that’s ok too, because writing it will help this mother cope with sending her kids to college. ¬†Now it’s time to go back to laundry since we leave in 2 days to take her to Savannah!!

Let our journey begin!